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curtain and mattress cleaning Reading

Curtain Cleaning Service Reading

We offer professional curtain cleaning service in the Reading area. The curtains are cleaned in situ, which means not having to take them down & put them back up again or be without them for a period of time if you normally take them to be dry cleaning.

The method is essentially the same, thorough vacuuming, followed by a pre-spray & hot water extraction, once again with a Sapphire Pro hand tool.  As with all other cleaning methods, deodorisers can be used to remove any unpleasant food odours. As the curtains are in situ, they’re left to hang, keep their shape & no need for ironing, which can damage the curtains if they’re ironed too hot. 

Mattress Cleaning Service Reading

We also offer bespoke mattress cleaning services for all domestic and commercial properties in and around the Reading area. 

Regular mattress cleaning is more important for our health than many people realise. Studies have shown that uncleaned mattresses can contain millions of dust mites. While not a dangerous creature in itself, they do excrete a potent allergen in their faeces due to their digestive enzymes.

If you need your curtains or mattresses cleaned, please email us at or call us now at 078 8756 5009.


Professional and friendly service. I had 2 flights of stairs and rugs cleaned by Dave and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Highly recommended! 

Jill, Hampton