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Carpet Cleaner Reading FAQ

carpet cleaning

How does carpet cleaning work?

Our Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Process

At Peacock Carpet Cleaning Ltd we use the Airflex Storm 800psi machine to clean your carpets, rugs, curtains or mattresses, quickly and effectively. We use a multiple stage carpet cleaning process to ensure our clients in Reading and surrounding areas are left with beautifully clean, dry carpets, mattresses and upholstery.

The steps of carpet cleaning

  1. Raking where necessary and vacuuming
  2. Identification and treating of any stains (where required)
  3. Application of cleaning solutions
  4. Agitating with a CRB (Contra Rotating Brush Machine)
  5. Drying of carpets with a 3 speed turbo dryer (where required)
  6. Hot Water Extraction (5& 6 are back to front)
  7. Grooming (which can include optional stain guard protection service to help protect carpets, rugs and upholstery)

vacuuming and spraying

In the first stage of cleaning process, we thoroughly vacuum the carpet, mattress or upholstery to remove any superficial dust and debris. We then start the deep cleaning process by firstly spraying the carpet with micro splitting chemicals.

We use micro splitting carpet cleaning products because they are easier to rinse out of the carpet and safe for household use. Mirco splitting cleaning agents leave less residue on the carpet after cleaning as well as being hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and completely safe to use around children and pets.


The third stage of the carpet cleaning processes involves agitating the cleaning chemicals applied to the upholstery, carpet or mattress with a Contra Rotating Brush Machine. The CRB machine works the micro splitting cleaning chemicals into the fibres of the upholstery or carpet, thereby helping to clean out any dirt trapped deep inside the fabric.

hot water extraction

After the cleaning chemicals have been agitated, we use the powerful Airflex Storm 800psi machine, which uses the hot water extraction process to rinse the cleaning agent out of the fabric using heated water where required.

We use this rinsing process because it effectively washes out any residual detergent using a rinse agent added to the water while ensuring that the fabric is left as dry as possible after being rinsed with water. The Airflex Storm is able to do this, because it vacuums the dirty water out of the carpet after rinsing it with clean warm water.


Finally, we groom the carpet at the end of the cleaning process, using a carpet rake, in order to help the carpet dry quickly and to reset any fibres which have become matted. Afterwards, clients are often shocked to see how dirty the liquid contents of the waste tank of our hot water extraction machine is.

They are also often surprised by how effective our cleaning process is and we are happy to show before and after spot images as well as provide prospective clients with stain cleaning demonstrations.

Carpet cleaning service in Reading
Carpet cleaning service in Reading
Carpet cleaning service in Reading
Carpet cleaning service in Reading

upholstery cleaning

How does upholstery cleaning work?

What upholstery do you clean?

Peacock carpet cleaning based in Reading, deals with upholstery cleaning which includes the cleaning of sofa’s, chairs, footstools, dining chairs and mattresses, which will bring new life into your furniture. We will clean away marks and stains & leaving your soft furnishings smelling and looking nice and fresh.

What is the process of upholstery cleaning?

The process of upholstery cleaning includes thorough vacuuming including the use of a crevice tool to vacuum deep in the hard to reach places in your chair or sofa. This is followed by the pre spray of a microsplitter & gentle agitation & then followed by hot water extraction using a Sapphire Pro hand tool, which means there’s little chance of any over wetting in the process, which in turn means quicker drying times.

Does it tackle odours?

As with carpet cleaning, deodorisers & malodour treatments will also be used where required, which are high quality deodorisers & bactericides to remove an unpleasant smells like urine, vomit, pet and faecal odour as well as rancid food odours.

Do you use fabric protector?

We provide an optional supplementary fabric protection service to our clients. Using our legendary product GuardX, we not only clean your upholstery, we also provide it with state of the art upholstery protection.