Upholstery Cleaning Service In Reading

Peacock carpet cleaning based in Reading, deals with upholstery cleaning which includes the cleaning of sofa’s, chairs, footstools, dining chairs and mattresses, which will bring new life into your furniture. We will clean away marks and stains & leaving your soft furnishings smelling and looking nice and fresh.

The process of upholstery cleaning includes thorough vacuuming including the use of a crevice tool to vacuum deep in the hard to reach places in your chair or sofa. This is followed by the pre spray of a microsplitter & gentle agitation & then followed by hot water extraction using a Sapphire Pro hand tool, which means there’s little chance of any over wetting in the process, which in turn means quicker drying times.
As with carpet cleaning, Deodorisers & Malodour treatments will also be used where required, which are high quality deodorisers & bactericides to remove an unpleasant smells like urine, vomit, pet & faecal odour as well as rancid food odours.

Keep your furniture cleaned to compliment your nice clean carpets.
Have your mattresses cleaned to enhance a good nights sleep, after all, you clean your bed linen on a regular basis. You can research on the internet how much we perspire at night & that sweat has got to go somewhere, so it makes sense to have your mattresses cleaned from time to time.

In order to keep your upholstery clean and protected, we use Gard-X.
Gard-X is a professional, safe-for-wool, water-based fluorocarbon carpet and upholstery protector and
anti-static treatment.

The highly concentrated formula protects against oil-based,
water-based and dry soils.
it is suitable for use on wet cleanable carpets and upholstery and can be applied immediately after wet cleaning.

Peacock Carpet Cleaning, cleaning a couch in Reading a couch being cleaned by Peacock carpet cleaning

To get your upholstery cleaned in Reading email us at info@peacock carpetcleaning.co.uk or call us now at 07887565009.